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Report Editor: Adding or Changing a data Plot within a Template

To add or change a chart within a Template to be used on future COMPASS Reports you first need to open the separate Report Editor application. This can be done from within COMPASS under the menu Data/Report Editor or it will appear as a separate program to open within the Windows program list.

Note, it will typically open in a minimized state so look for it at the bottom of the Windows task bar mceclip4.png




Once open close the report generation window that normally appears so can go to File/Open Template:



Once your Report Template is open, left click over the plot in any part of the yellow highlighted area and choose the Delete option if a plot already exists. You must do it this way, do not just backspace out the plot as can easily corrupt the template:  




Your cursor will most likely be a few spaces in from the left most edge and there might be further residual spaces that cant be seen to the right or even in lines below it. So, click out into the white space anywhere to the lower right to jump the cursor to the last space in this area of the Template:


Then use the backspace or delete button on your keyboard to eliminate all "ghost spaces" all the way up to the next field or text in the Template. Can then move the cursor to where you want the new chart to be inserted using the space bar on the keyboard, etc:


At the far left select the chart you want under the Plots section:


Double click on it to insert it into the Template where your cursor is. A separate Plot window will open:

Drag the window into the Template body where it will be inserted. Position it such that only the actual plot area is at the the location your cursor was previously. You can then drag the corners of the chart to make it the proper dimensions that are desired to match the text body/margins like shown below and click the Insert Plot button:


A new window will open where some options can be selected if desired. Typically the only one that is desired it to select the Include Tolerance Bars. Click on OK to fully insert the plot:


The plot will likely jump to the next page as shown below, but this is usually good as remember the data chart further up in the Template auto expands based on the number of test points so actual placement of the plot will vary and in most cases all this info cannot fit on one page regardless:



Can now save the new template but it is highly recommended to append a numerical value or similar on to it so the original one is not overwritten if the new one is corrupt. In general, it is recommended to make one change at a time and then test the change to ensure nothing is unexpected or corrupted and can thus go back to the previous version if need to try again rather then have to re-do your entire Template potentially:




To test the change, go to File/Create Report:



Select the new Template within the window that opens using the browse button at the top if the desired one does not already appear:



Within the same window also select a previous data file you would like to use to test the new Template using the Select Additional Data Files button:




Click on Create Report button to generate the Report and verify all changes look as expected and no signs of corruption:




The below shows the same but is an example of corruption in the template as the yellow highlighting around the chart should not appear. This is usually caused by not properly deleting a chart/field (not left clicking and selecting delete vs. just backspacing out a data field), not removing extra "ghost spaces" after properly deleting a field, or similar. Only way to fix this is to go back to your previous version of the Template and try again:




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