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CalTool Extension for COMPASS for Pressure

The CalTool Extension provides fully automated end-to-end calibration and adjustment of DHI designed hardware.  Historically, the data collection part of the calibration of RPTs and Q-RPTs was performed with COMPASS for Pressures software, and the adjustment part was performed with CalTools for RPT software.   The functionality of the CalTool Extension is similar to the 700P, PMM Cal Sled, and 6270A In-Chassis calibration routines.  However, the CalTool Extension is ActiveX based instead of macro based and requires the use of the CalToolExt.dll file.


This tutorial is a quick-read summary.  For a more extensive look at this process, please review the Application Note “How to calibrate reference pressure transducers with COMPASS for Pressure Software”.  The application notes provides an excellent three-page appendix which explains the calculations.


COMPASS v5.0 does not include the CalToolExt.dll file as part of the standard installation and it must be manually installed and registered.  These files are available for download as part of this tutorial.   

  1. Download and install the files in the “Program Files (x86)\Common Files\DH Instruments” directory. Administrator rights will be required.
  • “CalToolExt.dll”
  • “regfiles_new.bat”
  1. Right-Click on the “regfiles_new.bat” and select Run as Administrator. This will register the dll file.
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