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1560 Black Stack - Data output to Spreadsheet

Applies To:  Fluke 1560 Black Stack and its associated modules

Problem Description:   How to output data directly to a computer?

Resolution/Work Around:   

A terminal type program like Hyper Terminal or PuTTY may be used to capture the output of the 1560.

Before printing the data from the 1560, the data capture feature of Hyper Terminal needs to be setup as follows:

Click on ‘Transfer’

Click on ‘Capture Text…’



In the Capture Text window at the File line, enter the drive you wish to save to and enter the name of the file followed by a .TXT extension.

Example:  C:\1620A May 2013.txt

Then, click Start


The HyperTerminal will now capture or record the lines of information and place the data in the file you chose.

The following commands enable the 1560 to print the readings directly to a program like Hyper Terminal or PuTTY. 

Here are the commands to use and their responses:

*IDN?                                             HART,1560,0,1.41

ROUT:SCAN?                                (@1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)

ROUT:SCAN (@1,2,5)

ROUT:SCAN?                                (@1,2,5)

HCOP:PRIN?                                 0

HCOP:PRIN 1                                [Channel data starts to print]

HCOP:PRIN 0                                [Stops data print]


The execution of these commands looks like this in Hyper Terminal:



After the data is done transferring, the capturing of the data will need to be stopped.

Click on the ‘Transfer’ menu.

Click on ‘Capture Text…’

Under Capture Text, Click on Stop.

This will stop writing data to the file and conclude the process.




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