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Adding Standards in MET/CAL Runtime from Asset Record through Configuration


Asset listing in MET/TEAM

In MET/TEAM, add the asset record for your standard as you would any asset.  Take note of the Barcode (1).

To add or update the dates on an existing standard (2, below), read the instructions here:

Adding or updating a calibration date for a MET/TEAM Standard

Make sure Active (3) is checked.  The Standard and Standard Type (4) check boxes are helpful, but not required.  




Adding a Standard in MET/CAL

In MET/CAL, you will add the standard by clicking on Configure (1), then Instruments (2) and then click on the Add Button (3).




In the Add Instrument dialogue, or just type in a model number to search (MET/CAL version 10.X and later) scroll through the list of system instruments available.   Identify the instrument you wish to use and press OK.

Please note that the following screen shots are  applicable to MET/CAL versions 2.3 and earlier, but that the process is nearly identical. 




Configure the device

On the following screen, you will enter the Barcode for the asset noted earlier.  Complete the fields for Remote Interface, IEEE-488 Address or Serial Port and all other pertinent information.  Note that MET/CAL will always set the factory default as the IEEE-488 address unless that number is already being used.  




Some system instruments may have additional options or related auxiliary devices that you are able to select.  In this example of a 5500 multi-product calibrator, you could select the Scope Option, and add any Auxiliary Devices.  If configuring Auxiliary Devices enter in their appropriate asset barcode from MET/TEAM.



Instrument Alias and FSC

The Alias box is used to add additional short name(s) that MET/CAL can use to communicate with a device.  The use of an alias is what supports procedures written for Flexible Standards.   A document detailing the use of these flexible standards is attached to this article and is available on the server installation of MET/TEAM (i.e. \\<servername>\ProgramData\Fluke\Help\Manuals) 

An example of a flexible standard is an 8846A precision multimeter being listed as a generic DMM as well as a 8846.   


User Configured Instruments

You may also use equipment not listed in the default selection box that have no FSC in MET/CAL.  These are User-configured instruments and can be controlled either manually or remotely.  These devices require a database record and active calibration service like any other standard.  The exact name you type in the Add Instrument dialogue will need to be added once to the MET/CAL procedure in which it is being used.  Completing the instrument information in MET/CAL like you do any other standard.  



You have an additional option of "None" in the remote interface section.  If your standard is strictly manual with no communication interface, check the "None" radio button.  




Proper configuration of your standards is important to ensure proper traceability and accuracy lookup for the success of your MET/CAL procedures.  

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