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How to add a default procedure to a type

Once a Procedure has been created, you will want to associate it with a Type so that you can run that procedure when in an open work order.

1. Open a Type that you would like to link a Procedure to

2. In the Procedures tab at the bottom, click the + button off to the right. 

3. In the Add Type Procedure Default screen, type in the name of the procedure that you created previously and want associated with this Type. The list of procedures should start to autopopulate as you type.

4. The other fields are optional. Here is a description of each field's purpose which you can use to fill them in as needed:

  • Interval – The duration used to calculate the date when the next service should be performed.
  • UOM – The unit of measure for the interval.
  • Service Type (TPD) – Defines the name of the service for this Procedure. (TPD) represents that the Service Type is from the Type Procedure Default screen. This is generally the same as the Service Type of the procedure.
  • Cert Format – Contains the report file name for this Procedure.
  • Standard Hours – The number of hours needed to perform this service.
  • Std Hours Type – The type of standard hours: Average, Calculated, Manufacturer, and Default.
  • Std. Price – The cost of performing the service.
  • ISOCert – The cost for an ISO related service. This cost is added if the ISOCert check box is selected on the Work Order.
  • Data Sheet - Specifies the data sheet to use for the procedure link. NOTE: Do not use if the procedure record already has a data sheet included.

5. Click the Save button.

6. If this is the only procedure associated to the type, it will now be the default procedure used for work orders dealing with that type. If this is an additional procedure associated with the type, you can change the procedure order on the Edit Type window with the up and down arrows on the right side. The top one will be the default procedure for that type.


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