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Writing/Using MET/CAL Procedures Using the Fluke 5128A

Update Dec 2, 2021: An FSC for the Fluke 5128A has since been developed and released in version 10.4 of MET/CAL! The below information can still be used, but if you are using version 10.4 of later, you can view the Help topic for the 5128A FSC in the MET/CAL Help instead.


While the Fluke 5128A RHapid-Cal Humidity Generator does not have a Function Select Code (FSC) in the Fluke MET/CAL software, it is still possible to use this device to automate your humidity calibrations.

The MET/CAL Gold Procedure Team has released several procedures for DUTs using the 5128A, including the Amprobe TR200-A. To do this, the Fluke 5128A was developed as a User-configured Instrument, with a series of driver files similar to the Fluke 1560 "Black Stack" and other flexible standards drivers currently in use in our procedures. Here is a sample of how the drivers are utilized:


# =====  Sub Amprobe TR200-A (1 yr) 15 %RH VER RS-232 /5128  ===============


  2.001  LABEL        15_%RH

  2.002  RSLT         =

  2.003  HEAD         {[V HeadText]}

  2.004  MATH         @5128A_SetHumidity = 15

  2.005  TARGET       -p

  2.006  TSET         CPT = 15.0 %RH

  2.007  CALL         Sub Set Humidity & Temperature RS-232 /5128

  2.008  CALL         Sub Get Humidity Accuracy /5128

  2.009  MATH         MEM = @5128A_pctRH

  2.010  MATH         L[1] = @5128_RefAcc / @5128A_Conf * 2

  2.011  ACC    15    %RH            L1U

  2.012  TARGET       -m

  2.013  WAIT         [D2000]

  2.014  CALL         Sub Amprobe TR100-A,TR200-A Get Real Time Value RS-232

  2.015  MATH         MEM = @DUT_Humidity

  2.016  MEMCX  95    %RH            3.0U


The driver files are attached to this article for your use. For a full understanding of how to use these drivers, review one of the MET/SUPPORT Gold Procedures written using the 5128A as a reference device.

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