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PMM ID, Save to Data File - COMPASS

In COMPASS for Pressure v5.0.50 and above, the model name of the Pressure Measurement Module (PM600-xxxx, PM200-yyyy, PM500-zzzz, PM630-aaaa) of the module used is saved in the data file to the "Reference ID Info" field for each step in the test.

In the COMPASS Report Editor "Reference ID Info" is at this path on the left available data fields; Available Data --> Test Data --> Reference Data --> Step ID Info. Typically you will add another column to your data table in COMPASS Report Editor with a column name like "Module ID". Then put the cursor in the table where you want the information to be, then double-click the parameter "Step ID Info" to insert this data field in the data table. 


See this example with module ID in the data table


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