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How to set up a Manual Template as a datasheet in a MET/TEAM Procedure

Create a MET/TEAM Procedure for a Manual Template.

1. Go to Maintenance-> Procedures, click the "Add" button.

2. If you've already had the Manual Template created in MET/TEAM, then you can skip to step 3. If you need to create a Manual Template, follow steps 2a to 2g.

2a. Under the main menu bar, click Maintenance-> Manual Templates. 


2b. In the "Find Manual Template" pop up window, click the Add button, , from the menu bar to bring up the "Add Manual Template" window.

2c. Under the "Template Name" textbox, type in the name, "My Manual Template Test". 

2d. Click the Template Design tab. In the white empty space or the field name areas, right click to bring up the menu. Click on "Step Wizard" or "Step Wizard(Transducer)" if you are writing a transducer procedure.

Note that if you are using a transducer, you  need to click the "Transducer" icon in the menu bar.

2e. In the "Step Wizard", fill in the numbers to write your steps.

2f. Click the "Save" button, MET/TEAM will create a  manual template for you like what is shown below:

2g. Click the "Save" button. Then click the "Close" button to exit.

This section will tell you how to configure the manual template to run from a work order

3. In the pop up "Add Procedure" window, click the ellipses.

4. Chose "Manual Template" in the  "Attach Data Sheet" window. Then click the Find button from the menu bar.

4. After locating the file. double click it to bring up the "Add Procedure" window. The "Data Sheet" textbox should now have the Manual Template name.

5. Copy the text displayed in Data Sheet textbox, paste it in the "Procedure Name" textbox.

6. From the  "Service Type (Proc)" dropdown listbox, chose "Calibration". 

7. (This step is optional - but will help you sort and find procedures) Under the "Category (Proc), click the ellipses to bring up the "Select Category (Proc)" window. Click the "Add" button, and type in the Category Name, "Manual Templates". Then click the OK button. Double-click "Manual Templates".

8. Click the save Save button from the menu bar.

Follow these instructions to set the Manual Template as the "default procedure" for the Instrument Type. 

 How to add a default procedure to a type

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