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ODBC configuration. Getting your client work stations connected to the database.

The following information will walk you through the steps necessary to configure your ODBC administrator settings on a Met/Cal Client Machine.  Please note that the screen shots are for Sybase 8 (Good for Met/Cal – Met/Track versions 7.2 and earlier).  These settings are also applicable for Sybase 11 (Met/Cal – Met/Track 7.3 and greater). For Sybase 11 the Driver is called SQL Anywhere 11.


To open the ODBC administrator click "Start", then in the search box at the bottom of the window type "ODBC".  Then select "ODBC Administrator".



Next click the "System DSN" tab.  Select "Calibration Data" then push the "Configure" button. 




Now that you are in the correct location, the following information gives an explanation of the ODBC Settings, tab by tab.



ODBC tab: 

Leave the ODBC entry “Calibration Data” as a system DSN.  It is best to use the default.



Login tab: 

Ensure "Supply user ID and Password" is selected.

Integrated logins are not permitted.  The "User ID" & "Password" boxes on this screen should be left empty.  Do not leave a user name or password in your ODBC settings, on the server or client machines.




Database tab:

The “Server Name” shown here is actually the alias you gave the data engine.  In this example it is called “metbase”.  No spaces are allowed, however underscores are acceptable.  The default setting is "Mtrack", we recommend you change it to something other than the default.



Network tab:

TCP/IP should be checked by default. 

You may have to add the the following settings:

Dobroadcast=direct;host= would actually be the IP address of your server.  This will allow client work stations to connect directly to the data engine.  This setting is only for client work stations only.

You may need to add a third item if a client work station is on a different subnet.

Dobroadcast=direct;host=;port=2638, or the port address if you are not using the system default.

To assist with speed writing results to the database and the time it takes to save things to the database, check “Compress Network Packets”. 



Advanced tab:

There are no changes required in the advanced tab, it is best to let it remain with the default settings.




Don’t know what IP address or port to use?  Modify the startup target line that starts your data engine.


"C:\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 8\win32\dbsrv8.exe" "c:\metdata\mtrack.db" -n Puppies_2 -gl dba -ti 0 -tl 14400 -x tcpip -z -o c:\temp\server_settings.txt


Adding what is in the bold, italic font.

Then look at the file c:\temp\server_settings to find out.


Here is the section of the file where you find your information:


Trying to start TCPIP link ...

Loading ws2_32.dll

TCP using Winsock version 2.0

Starting TCP listener on IP address

Starting on port 2638

Starting UDP listener on IP address

This is a class A network address

Starting UDP listener on IP address   

Here is the IP address:Port address

This is a class B network address

Looking for server with name metdata

Sending broadcast to find server

Using broadcast address of:

Looking for server with name metdata     

This is the data engine name and what should be used as the “servername” in ODBC


Sending broadcast to find server

Using broadcast address of:

Server not found (no reply received)

TCPIP link started successfully

Now accepting requests


So in the example above, the server name line in the ODBC administrator under the Database tab would read:


The network settings would read:



You should now be able to establish communication with any client on the network.


Contact Met/Support at 1-800-825-7411 if you still need assistance.

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    Andrey Zuykov

    In my case, it did not help
    Maybe it will work in a simple network of a pair of computers

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  • Avatar
    Luc Claeys

    Is there a reason why I have a 5 minutes delay using a Bell network and VPN to get to our server when in the field? Example: I open Manual Met/Cal, I press the CALIBRATE button, I have to wait 5 minutes for the Calibration Runtime window to show up. If I need to select a datasheet, again 5 minutes delay. If I have to use the dropdownbox to select an Asset, again delays. I saw that the shard memory and compress network package haven't been checked. Wondering if I need other settings in the ODBC or if other settings are needed in the VPN to resolve this delay.

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