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917X displays "ERROR: start, temp" or "CONT TEMP: error, time-out"

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Title:     917X displays “ERROR: start, temp” or “CONT TEMP: error, time-out”                                             

Created:  1 Feb 2013

Last Revised:




Applies To:  All 9170, 9171, 9172, and 9173 units


Problem Description:  What causes the metrology drywell to display “ERROR: start, temp”?


Resolution/Work Around:    

This type of error message is usually caused by the analog board not reading the control sensor correctly.  It could also be, the digital board, backplane board, or zone TC’s.  The only real way to know is to try re-seating one at a time the Block, Analog Board, and Digital Board.   If re-seating does not work, then try pulling out the block and measuring the connector where the control sensor and zone thermocouples are located.  The control sensor should measure 110 ohms and the zone TC’s should measure 2.5 ohms.  If the control and zone sensors measure correctly, then the analog board will need replaced.

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